In this Sacrament we remember what Jesus did for us in his life, death and resurrection.  We remember particularly the Last Supper, that final meal Jesus shared with his disciples.  At that meal Jesus gave us the Eucharist so that we could remember him in a special way.  When we receive Communion, we believe that we receive the person of Jesus into our very beings.  We become one with him, and we become one with each other.  As a community we become 'the body of Christ'.   The Sunday Eucharist (Sunday Mass) is the highpoint of our worship as a parish.  (Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide, 2016).Eucharist is the final Sacrament of Initiation. 

Symbols of Eucharist include:  bread, wine, cross, chalice, host, grapes, wheat, cross.

Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to include  your child/children on the 'Registration of Interest' list and the Parish will contact you when the first Information Session has been scheduled.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office if  you have any further enquiries.