The Sacramental Program includes Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist, in that order.  It runs over a 2 year period usually beginning in October of one year and continuing into the following year until around August/September. 

The age of the children involved in the Sacramental Program ranges from 8-13 year olds.  It really depends on when you feel that your child is ready.  Each Sacrament involves two sessions (approximately one hour per session) – one theology and one practical.  Confirmation and Eucharist do require a third session for the rehearsal of the ceremony.  This allows for children to be fully ready and at ease on the day/night of the celebration.  The child and one parent must attend ALL sessions.  Children are also required to attend and participate in Family Masses in the Parish on the weekends.  The cost of the Sacramental Program is $60 and this covers the cost of the resources required.

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