Congratulations on your impending wedding.  As a parish our prayer and hope for you at this time is that you may have a long and happy life together, and that you may come to know that you have the blessing of God and the support of the Christian community.

As you begin to prepare for the big day it is strongly recommended that you give at least six to nine months notice of your intention to marry to the Priest and the Church.

The churches of Saint Martin and Saint Monica are both available for weddings. Bookings for the use of either of our Churches can be made through the Parish Office during office hours 9am—3pm Monday, Tuesday, or Thursdays by phoning 8261 6200.

Once you have booked the church  you will need to make your first appointment with your priest.  There is a variety of paperwork to be completed and important items to discuss, such as a pre-marriage course, and of course the planning of the wedding ceremony itself.  You will also be required by state law to produce your birth certificate and either an Australian Passport, or a current drivers licence, while the church asks for an updated Baptism Certificate at this meeting.

Such an important day requires significant thought, prayer and planning, so congratulations and enjoy your special day.

For further information please contact the Parish Office.